Sunday, March 11, 2012

meat free fast food

Look what I discovered this afternoon while feeding my hangover some much-needed Taco Bell. "All Meny Items Are Available Without Meat Upon Request"- I love it!
Granted, the meatless campaign is centered around Lent, but I love the fact that a major fast food chain is promoting meat-free options! Ten years ago a restaurant like Taco Bell would have never even considered promoting a meatless meal. Why bother when every one just wants a cheap burger or chicken sandwich? Well hopefully times are changing, and people are starting to care more about what they put in their bodies. The benefits of a plant based diet are extraordinary, and I'm just excited to see more and more places offer vegetarian options on their menus. Taco Bell may not be exquisite cuisine, but every little bit helps! Big kudos to the T-Bell :)

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