Wednesday, February 22, 2012

lazy bones jambalaya

Even though Fat Tuesday has passed, and Lent has begun, I think I still have that Mardi Gras fever! I looked high and low for a quick, simple, jambalaya recipe to celebrate the season, but I couldn't find anything just right. Luckily, one of my best friends attended Tulane University and happens to be a Mardi Gras expert, so I asked her for her go-to, quick, and easy jambalaya recipe, which happens to be seriously delicious and seriously lazy :)

• Step 1: Prepare a box of Zatarain's Low-Sodium Jambalaya Mix according to directions
• Step 2: Separately cook up some meat-free sausage, and any veggies of your choosing.
• Step 3: Mix together your prepared rice, faux meat, and vegetables, and serve it up. DONE!
I know, I know, a blog post on a box of rice? But yes, of course! Sometimes meals don't have to be complicated. Granted, any meal is going to taste better when it's made from scratch, but sometimes you just don't have the time, ingredients, or the energy after a long day at work. So make do with what you have! Take that boring old box of rice and spice it up with all kinds of meat substitutes, spices, and vegetables of your choosing! Hey, you never know- that boring old box mix may just surprise you with a tasty treat :)

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