Saturday, February 12, 2011

sweet potato and peanut soup with spinach

Tonight I am pleased to say that I attended a soup party. One of my best friends' older sister always hosts amazing, food-themed parties, and tonight was no exception. The challenge was to bring a soup that was delicious, creative, and if possible, New Kids on the Block themed. Check out her blog. She is great.
My roommate and I selected sweet potato and peanut soup with spinach from Robin Robertson's book 1,000 Vegan Recipes (omg Robin Robertson is totally my vegan idol. If you like vegan food, check out her cookbooks because they're tasty, affordable, and do-able. Love it). We called our concoction "good all knight sweet potato and peanut soup with spinach."
I won't give away all her published secrets, but I'll tell you our modifications. After the onions were all cooked up, and the sweet potatoes were tender, we used our magic bullet to puree most of the soup in small portions to give it a thicker texture that we were looking for. We also added more veggie stock, peanut butter, and spices, to make it go farther at the soup party.
It didn't win best soup overall, but we did get quite a few votes for most creative! Definitely not a classic soup that I would make all the time, but it still tasted great, and was an interesting blend of flavors that I would have never put together before. I hate peanut butter, but I didn't hate this. Surprising? Yes. Delightful? Also yes.

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