Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chocolate mustaches

Last Friday was my friend Sam's birthday. I work with Sam and he is an awesome guy with awesome facial hair. Of course, this meant that his birthday treat had to be equally as awesome- which was no simple task.

This was my first attempt at chocolate art, and it's not much of a recipe, but I'm sharing them, because I'm super proud of the outcome, and Sam liked them too! :)

Stuff you need: 1. Cupcakes (homemade or lazy-style & store bought like me) 2. Plastic bag or melting bottle 3. Candy melts (but I think melted chocolate would work too) 4. Wax paper lined cookie sheet

Take your candy melts and put them into your melting bottle. I lost the cap to my bottle, so I had to use a ziplock bag instead- a little sloppy, but it did the job. Run the bottle under hot water until the candy melts have turned to liquid- make sure all the candies are properly melted, otherwise you have to deal with big clumps and it sucks.

Snip the end off your plastic bag (or just take your bottle) and squeeze out some chocolate mustaches onto your wax paper lined cookie sheet. Work fast so you can use all the chocolate before it begins to solidify again!

When all your handlebar mustaches are created, pop the cookie sheet into the freezer for a hot second while you clean up. They only need about 5 minutes before they'll easily pop off the paper.
And here is a picture from Sam's superior camera phone:
Since this was the first time I'd ever tried this, and I used a messy plastic bag, it took me quite a few batches to get the mustaches right. Luckily, after a few attempts, I managed to find 6 good looking 'staches in chocolate and peanut butter. Finally, I sunk the mustaches into the tops of the cupcakes and presented them to the birthday boy.
For my first adventure in chocolatiering, I'm very pleased, and am totally excited to try it again! Most importantly, Sam loved them and had an awesome birthday. Yayy!

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