Tuesday, February 22, 2011

spinach pesto

Oh ho, what's that you say? Pesto is made with basil not spinach? Well let me rock your world. I still have an excessive amount of spinach from the soup party a few weekends ago, and tonight I wanted to make sure it got used before it went bad. Enter Vegan on the Cheap by Robin Robertson (omg my vegan idol). I've had this cookbook for a while, but life got busy, and tonight I decided to try my first recipe from it! The dish is traditional pesto, but she suggests replacing the basil and pine nuts with spinach and walnuts. Holy shit, I may never eat regular pesto again.
This was the first time that me or my roommate had ever had alternative pesto, and let me tell you, we're obsessed. It was so creamy and fresh, with the perfect amount of lemon and garlic flavors. It was also way cheaper and healthier than the normal pine nuts and basil. I just wish that I would've made more for lunch tomorrow! Seriously, if every recipe in the cookbook is this good, I may have to try making EVERYTHING!

Oh, and on another creative thought. Have you ever tried putting fruit preserves or jam in your oatmeal? Try it. It may change your life :)

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