Thursday, May 19, 2011

greek lentil salad

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is magazine buying- Vogue, Elle, Nylon, you name it, and occasionally I'll break down and buy it. I have a hard time justifying purchasing fashion magazines since it feels frivolous, but I have absolutely no problem picking up the newest addition of Vegetarian Times. Fun articles, new ideas, and always great looking recipes. This month they began a 28 day boot camp with daily de-bunked myths and healthy meals, and let me tell you, I jumped on board immediately!

The recipe for day 1 was Greek lentil salad, and it looked so fresh and tasty, I couldn't help but making it right away. They suggest making it for a take away lunch or light dinner, so I made a full batch in preparation for this week's lunches as work. Look how productive I am eating lunch at my desk.

This was my first time ever cooking lentils, and I'm pretty pleased. I love that they're low in sodium and high in protein, which is just what I need more of in my diet. However, I don't think I properly cooked them all the way through, so the salad came out slightly tough. On that note, I wish there was more sauce- more olive oil or lemon juice or something to sop up that dry crunchiness- but then again, maybe that might be solved by properly cooking the lentils? Oops.

It's a pretty good recipe with a great flavor profile. I like it, but I don't love it. When all this rain passes and I'm ready for a fresh, light meal, I'll definitely try this one out again- and next time, I'll properly cook those lentils too! :)

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