Tuesday, May 10, 2011

boca beef tacos

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you can put just about anything into a taco, and it will be delicious. Last time, I think I used Boca chik'n patties with a hodge podge of random things I found in the kitchen. Tonight, however, I went over to Michael's house, where we vegatized the classic beef taco!

If you haven't discovered Boca ground crumbles yet, go to the store and purchase them right now! They're a meatless version of ground beef, but way better. I usually use them in marinara sauce over pasta, but tonight, we mixed it up and used it in tacos.

Stuff you need: 1. Boca ground crumbles 2. a taco seasoning packet or your spices of choice 3. corn tortillas 4. taco extras- salsa, avocado, onion, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cheese, etc.

Start by browning/warming your Boca crumbles in a skillet with a little olive oil. When they're totally defrosted and warmed through, plop in your taco seasoning packet according to the directions on the side- there are tons of different brands, but ours was mixed with 2/3 cups water, added to the "beef" and then simmered for a few minutes.

When the meatless meat mixture is all gooey and ready to go, chop up your taco extras. Tonight we had 505 salsa, a little bit of shredded cheese, black beans, avocado chunks, and red onion. Nuke the tortillas in the microwave for a hot second, and then fill to the brim with everything!
It looks like a legit beef taco, right? The seasoning packet was a great idea. The mixture may have been a little salty since we only used half of the crumbles- the entire bag would have distributed the flavors better- but otherwise, a tasty meal! This is definitely one of those dishes that hardcore carnivores would happily devour with no complaints. Another delicious use for Boca crumbles is a success! :)

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