Saturday, April 23, 2011

a good vegetarian hot dog

My friends occasionally ask me if I miss burgers and other meat products considering that I've been meat free for over a year now. I must say, a beef burger is happily replaced with a veggie patty or portobello, and I've really liked all the fake chicken that I've tried. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for hot dogs. I love hot dogs, and sadly, have not found a suitable vegetarian version.

Today, Dad and I went to the store during one of our hot dog cravings, and picked up some Tofurky kielbasa for lunch. Add some BBQ chips, carrots, and all the necessary toppings, and it looks pretty tasty, right?
Lies. Another failed hot dog attempt. I'm probably biased, since I hate the taste of most Tofurky products, but seriously, the kielbasa was not what I wanted at all. It was dense, tasted terrible, and not all the ketchup and mustard in the world could help make that edible. I actually ate half and gave the rest to my dog.

I'm sure with a little seasoning, this could be chopped up and put in a scramble or soup or something, but as a hot dog? Absolutely not. I will check that one off the list, and continue on in my vegetarian hot dog quest.

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