Thursday, December 30, 2010

blue sky cafe

I'm no food critic, but I do know when restaurants are vegetarian friendly or UNfriendly. This brings me to the Blue Sky Cafe off Colfax in the Denver West Village. A few of my dad's coworker's highly recommended this place, so while I was home for Christmas, we went over for a family brunch.
Dad got the breakfast burrito, mom got pancakes and eggs (both with vegetarian sausage), and I got the vegan tofu scramble. Not the best tofu scramble I've ever encountered (the tofu was cubed instead of crumbled & there was some kind of grain mixed inn there too?), but the chili verde on top was delicious. Ooh, great breakfast potatoes too.

All in all, pretty damn good food, but more importantly is the fact that the Blue Sky Cafe is totally diet friendly. Not only for vegetarian and vegan items, but there's all kinds of substitutions available for gluten free, low-fat, and low-carb choices too! I love that. Good food, good options, and above all a GREAT message. This is taken directly from their menu:
"We believe our business practices should reflect our personal values: take care of each other, take care of our environment, offer the freshest food made with love and service from the heart."

Thank you Blue Sky Cafe! TOTALLY recommend! :)

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